ERP Software Modules Key Features List

1. Admin Setup & Authentications

ERP Solutions for Manufacturing
  • New User Registration
  • User change Password
  • User biometric based login (on-demand)
  • User’s access rights/ Authentications
  • System Configuration
  • Company Locations setup
  • Store Setup (Raw material, FG Warehouse, Main store, Shops)
  • Financial year Setup, HR Year Setup
  • Database Backup (Schedule & Manual backups)
  • Log Reports (users add/modify) and reports print logs
  • Users Main Menu Shortcuts
  • Documents Search
  • Scanned Documents Attachments

2. Procurement & Payables Management

  • Supplier Profile (Supplier detail & Payable integration, Deal In, Sales Tax registration, Terms & Conditions)
  • Purchase Expenses Setup(Loading, Freight, Import charges & Taxes, Duties)
  • HS codes Setup
  • Foreign Currency Setup (for Import PO)
  • Transporter setup
  • Purchase Requisition (Demand Type: Local, Site purchase, Import Purchase), Available stock, required stock, minimum stock level.
  • Purchase Inquiry/RFQ (Inquiry to Item deal in Parties, Send RFQ on email, delivery date & company terms & Conditions)
  • Supplier Quotations & Comparative Statement
  • Purchase Orders (PO Types: Local, Site, Import, Purchase Order direct, through Requisition & Approved Quotations, Purchase Expenses Payable to Supplier or Third Parties, discounts, Sales Tax)
  • Purchase Contract (for Broker/ Commission Shop based Purchase of commodities, Commission, Purchase analysis %ge & Deduction ( Trash, moisture, sand etc.), Contract types: Weight, Bags, No. of Vehicles)
  • Letter of Credit (L/C) Setup
  • Inward Gate Pass Management (Partial Qty, Excess Qty receipts provision)
  • Material Inspection/QC Note & Material Rejection Management
  • Biometric verification based Inspection Approval.
  • Good Receipt Note (GRN) through Approved Inspection Note
  • Goods Receipt note (Direct)
  • Purchase Return Management
  • Purchase Invoicing (Local & Import Purchase Invoice, Sales Tax Input & ST WHT, Purchase Cost & Expenses/Charges Variance Management, Credit Days )
  • Purchase Expenses Invoicing (Third Parties invoicing- Freight, loading/Unloading parties etc.)
  • Service Invoices Management (including: Provisionals Sales tax on services)
  • Creditors Aging and payable reports
  • Invoice wise Payments (Advance adjustment, Partial & Full invoice settlement, Income tax withheld on Services/supplies on payment, Payment variance management)

3. Inventory Management

  • Chart of Items (4 Levels, stock image, Stock Re-order level, Minimum stock reserve level, barcode)
  • Inventory Classification (Finished Goods, Raw material, Store Consumables)
  • Cost Centers Setup
  • Stock Opening Balances Setup
  • Store Receiving Note (GRN through Inspection, Direct GRN, FOC Goods Receipt)
  • Store issue Note
  • Store Transfer Note
  • Stock Adjustment note
  • Store Return Note
  • Production Note
  • Consumption Expense & Monthly consumption voucher generation in GL Module.
  • Gate Pass Management (Inward, outward, Miscellaneous, Store to store transfer)
  • Inventory Reports( Stock in hand Closing, Stock Movement, Store Balance summary, Store Issue & Consumption Expense reports, Item Ledger, Item & Supplier wise receipts)

4. General Ledger, Cash & Bank, Taxation Management

  • Financial Year Setup
  • Chart of Accounts (6 levels of chart of Account including subsidiary accounts & Control accounts)
  • Tax Setup
  • Accounts opening balances setup
  • Financial Reports Notes & Grouping
  • Vouchers Management
    • Journal Voucher
    • Purchase Voucher
    • Sales Voucher
    • Adjustment Voucher
    • Cash Payment Voucher
    • Cash receipt voucher
    • Bank Payment Voucher
    • Bank Payment vouchers
    • Advance payments voucher
    • Reversal Voucher
    • Voucher Copy/clone
    • Voucher Approval & Posting
    • Scanned Documents attachment (on voucher Entry)
    • Vouchers Accounts Transfer Process
    • Voucher Audit list
    • WHT Tax Payment Voucher
    • Cross Company voucher
  • Banks Reconciliation & Bank/Cash Position reports (Uncredited/unpresented cheques detail, Bank Position Summary/detail, Day Cash book, Bank reconciliation statement, Day Collection )
  • Bank Cheques Printing
  • Ledger Reports (Ledger detail, ledger summary, monthly ledger summary, subsidiary accounts ledgers,
  • Trial Balance (Closing, Movement, Net, Income/Expense accounts, COA levels based Trial, show/hide zero balances accounts)
  • Departments expense reports
  • Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Monthly Comparative Income Statement
  • Tax Reports ( Paid & Unpaid Tax detail, Income tax detail, income tax summary report, Party wise tax detail & summary, Sales Tax Input detail & Summary, Sales tax withholding report, Purchase Register )

5. Project Income/Expense Accounting & Reports

  • Project Definition
  • Project based Procurement management
  • Project stores setup & Project stores position
  • Project material Consumption Expense & Consumption voucher
  • Project Expenses Recording and Expense ledgers
  • Projects Cash/Bank Receipts management
  • Projects Income Statement
  • Project Income & Expenses detail
  • Invoice matching, invoice wise payments management.

6. Sales & Receivables Management

  • Finished Goods Chart of item
  • FG warehouse/Store Setup
  • Rate List Setup & Activation, Party wise rate list
  • Sales Discounts (Party based, Area based, Product and Invoice based)
  • Area Setup ( Zone, Region & Area Profile and Party-Area integration)
  • Customer Profile
  • Broker Profile
  • Salesman profile, Salesman Targets(Value & Qty based)
  • Sales Orders Management
  • Delivery Order Note
  • Dispatch Order
  • Outward Gate Pass Management
  • Sales Invoice( through dispatch )
  • Sales Invoice (direct)
  • Services invoicing
  • Sales Tax output, Sales Tax on Services management
  • Sales Return Note
  • Invoice Adjustment (Debit/ Credit Note)
  • Invoice Credit Days
  • Sales Reports ( Sales Order Reporting, Dispatch Reports, Sales Invoicing and Return reports, Monthly sales, Party sales & Receivables reports, Product wise sales detail & Summary, pending Orders/Dispatch and Invoice reports)
  • Aging Reports ( party wise, invoice wise, overdue and under due/projected receivables week & Month wise)
  • Customer Receipts (Cash & Bank receipts, Invoice wise receipts & Invoice settlement, FIFO based invoice settlement, Advance adjustment, Income Tax on Supplies/Services WHT on Invoice receipts, Partial receipts management, Charges/ Expenses deduction on invoice receipts

7. Employee Biometric Attendance & Payroll Management

Setups & Policies configuration
  • Departments & Sub-departments/ Sections setup
  • Designations setup
  • Banks & Banks Branches Setup
  • Districts & Cities setup
  • Shifts Definition (Shifts Time In and Time out, Time in and Time Out relaxation)
  • Leave Types definition (Policy based, Special leave, leave sandwich policy, Leave from Date of joining, after probation period or user custom defined time)
  • Leave policy setup & Approval
  • Pro Rata based leave balances generation
  • Over Time Policy (Minimum time, maximum time, Calculation based on Basic pay/Gross pay, Shift hours or custom hours)
  • Compensatory leave (CPL) Policy
  • Shift Rotation Policy
  • Late comers & early Out Penalty Policy
  • Public Holidays Schedule
  • EOBI Policy
  • Gratuity Setup
Attendance & leave Management
  • Leave Application Form and Approval
  • Advance leave management
  • Biometric Attendance Machine Integration (ZKTeco Thumb & Face Recognition Devices only)
  • Daily Attendance Register (Manual Attendance)
  • Overtime Calculation and Approval, Overtime calculation add to CPL
  • Late Comers/ Early out penalty generation and approval
  • Change Shift Employees Approval & Attendance generation
  • Leave Opening balance update
  • Attendance Reports( Daily/Monthly attendance reports, Leave Ledgers, Absent, late comers)
Payroll Management
  • Monthly Fix & Variable Allowances & Deductions Setup
  • Tax Slab, Income Tax sheet
  • Monthly Salary Setup (For monthly manual allowances)
  • Overtime Calculation, add to CPL and Payment sheet
  • Late comers penalty approval & Deduction
  • Salary Generation (For all staff or Type based (Employee, staff, department, Section based)
  • Salary Month duration change (end of the month or different duration( 25th day of the previous to 25th of the current month)
  • Daily Wages Salary Management
  • Employee Resign/ Termination and Final Settlement
  • Salary Voucher generation in GL Module on Attendance Posting

8. Manufacturing Process Management

Manufacturing Process Management is implemented after a complete analysis of Company’s production process (Product Nature & Type, Job Processes, Machines nature & Process, gap analysis, Reporting views & Templates, HR resources at Job Data entry). The Key features and software workflow of Manufacturing Process Management includes,

Production Setup & Configuration
  • Production operations
  • Machines Setup
  • Machines Parameters(setup time, run time, capacity)
  • Production Barriers (material shortage, labor shortage, machine malfunction,
  • Products specifications
  • Bill of Material (BOM) / Recipes Management for discrete & Process production jobs
  • Product Specification Sheet (PSS) for process production/manufacturing industries
  • Product Specification Sheet(PSS) revisions
  • Routes Configuration
Job Card
  • Job Card management for discrete and process based industries
  • Define and manage Job wise routes, operations, machines, Product Specification Sheet & BOM for discrete manufacturing or fixed production route for process manufacturing.
  • Configure Process wise inspection mandatory or optional
Job Execution
  • Operations execution
  • Man Hours, Machine hours, Job Barriers and Operation wise material issuance management
  • Operation wise scrap management
  • Operation completion and inspection
Final Job Inspection & Packing
Lot Tracking
Machines stoppages
Reports( Production Order, Ready to Pick Jobs, Job Section/ process based reports, Pending Jobs, Job Stoppages reports, Inspection and Delivered to warehouse Jobs reports


  • Shop Setup
  • Warehouse setup
  • Counter Setup (MAC Address based)
  • Rate List
  • Discounts Management
  • Promotions Management
  • Deals Management
  • Shop Expenses Management
  • Chart of Items
  • Sales Configuration (item based Tax Schedule)
  • Stock Integration Setup with General Ledger Accounts Module
  • Stock Barcodes Setup & Printing
  • Items Rate Check Form for Customers
Shop Sales Invoicing
  • Cash & Credit Card Sales Management
  • Customer Type based sales (Walking, Online, Social Media Orders etc.) Invoice On hold
  • Loyalty Points Redemption on Invoice
  • Sales Return (Item based & Invoice No. based)
  • Sales Invoice Print
  • Sales Tax Management
Shop Expenses:
  • Shop Expenses payment (Counter based) & Daily expenses Sheet
Shop Closing
  • Shift Closing
  • Day Closing (Manual & Auto Day Closing)
  • Cash Closing, Cash Difference adjustment
  • Sales voucher Auto-Generation
Loyalty & Rewards Management
  • Membership Registration Form
  • Membership Types & Status (Permanent, Temporary, Idle)
  • Redemption Points Allocation on Products
  • Members Point Summary Report
Online Orders & Delivery Management
  • Online Order Booking and allocation to close Shops
  • Delivery Orders Status (Booked, Processed, Dispatched, Delivered, Cancelled)
  • Rider Registration and Orders Allocation
  • Delivery Order Report
Shop Based Production
  • Raw Material, Finished Goods Stores Setup
  • Bill of Material & BOM Revisions
  • BOM based Auto Production Entry
  • Auto Production with Sales Invoicing (Real-time items)
  • Stock Issuance and Consumption Expense report
  • Shops Production reports
  • Sales Reports (Shop & Shift/user wise)

10. Fixed Assets Register (FAR) & Assets Preventive Maintenance (PM) Management

Fixed Assets Purchase & Booking in FA Store
  • Fixed Assets Locations and Sub Locations
  • Fixed Assets Procurement and booking in Fixed assets store
  • Asset useful life
  • Fixed assets opening record
Fixed Assets Transfer (To Locations & Employees)
  • Fixed Assets transfer to locations and assignment to the employees.
Fixed Assets value Addition/Upgrade
  • Fixed assets’ category and batch wise addition & Upgrade
  • Addition/upgrade transaction posting and integration with accounts
Depreciation Process & Posting
  • Fixed assets depreciation processes (written down value, straight line depreciation, double declining)
  • Depreciation expense & Accu. Depreciation voucher auto generation and integration with accounts module
Fixed Assets Sales/ Disposal/ Write off
  • Fixed assets sales, write off
  • Gain/ Loss on Fixed Assets Sales & voucher integration General Ledger Financial Module.
Fixed Assets Tracking

Fixed assets tracking detail including current location, store, assigned previous & new employee, fixed assets Market value, Cost, addition & Disposal detail.


  • Failure Codes
  • Maintenance Tasks & Tasks modes (reading, Date, Date & reading)
Preventive Maintenance (PM) Schedule
  • Task detail (engine oil level, adjustment, mechanical fitting etc., )
  • Preventive Maintenance frequency (days, weeks, months, years)
  • Description, instructions and safety notes for maintenance schedule.
Assets reading
  • Assets reading and accumulated reading till date in frequency unit (Kilometer, hours, months etc.)
  • Monthly posting
Work Order
  • Problem description
  • Requester’s detail
  • Project allocation
  • Internal & external work order modes
  • Work type (preventive, corrective, inspection, breakdown, accidental, damage)
  • Work order from defined schedule
  • Maintenance history
  • Parts issuance & labor charges calculation
  • Labor work hours
  • Actual Maintenance and work order closing
  • Preventions and actions taken
  • Daily, Weekly, monthly work orders processing and posting
Fixed Assets Information Sheet/ detailed profile


Designed for Top Management, MIS Dashboards are accessible through smartphones, tablets and laptops to get Key Business performance indicators like;

  • Bank balances
  • Receivable & payables Aging graphs
  • Profit and Loss statement
  • Expenses detail
  • Stock detail
  • Sales Performance
  • Stock detail
  • Accessibility on multiple platforms, e.g. smart phones, tablets and MAC.
  • Online reports including Major Purchase, Sales, Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger, Payroll module Reports

12. WORKFLOW Management (Online Approvals)

  • Online approvals dashboards
  • Define multiple authorities for purchase, payments, delivery/dispatch orders approvals
  • Document auto-posting in the system after multi-authorities approval.
  • Document approval, rejection, remarks detailed history.