Employee Biometric Attendance & Payroll Management

erp solutions
Setups & Policies configuration
  • Admin & General Configuration Module
  • Hiring Module
  • Employee Management
  • Leave Management Module
  • Attendance /Time Office Management Module
  • Allowances & Deductions/ Payroll Management Module
  • Employee Self Service (ESS App)
  • Performance Management Module
  • Reporting & Dashboards
Admin & General Configuration Module
  • Company Name
  • Company’s Locations Setup
  • HR Year Setup (HR Year Start and End Date, Is HR Year same for All companies or different?)
  • Department Setup, Sub-Department Setup
  • Employees Designations Setup
  • Employee Grades Setup
  • Employees Job Nature Setup
  • Employees Jobs Types Setup
Hiring Module
  • Job Competencies setup
  • Employee Skills Setup
  • Job level Setup (Beginner, Skilled, Managerial etc.)
  • Education Setup
  • Certifications setup
  • Language setup
  • Experience Setup
  • Region Setup (State, Province, City)
  • Interview Template Setup (Template Name- E.g Project Manager, Competencies title, Total Marks, Minimum Passing Marks, Skills Total Marks and Minimum Passing Marks)
Employee Management
  • Additional Allowances/Deductions Setup : Fuel Fixed Rs/Liter, Vehicle Fixed Rupees, Mobile Fixed Rupees, Medical Reimbursement, TA/DA is Reimbursement )
  • Employee Transfer Note, Employee Promotion Note
  • Employee Resign/ Layoff (Resign and Layoff Date), intimation and online clearance form to all relevant departments
  • Final Settlement
  • Employee Re-hiring
  • Daily Wages Employee Management
  • Employee Life Cycle management like Joining, Transfer, Relocation, Promotion etc.
  • Employee Hostel Form (Hostel Name, Room, Bed)
Leave Management Module
  • Leave Types (Policy based – Medical, Casual, Annual), Is Cashable or Not, Start From Joining Date/ Probation Date, Custom Time defined in days, Carry Forward No. of Leaves)
  • Special leaves Setup (Marriage, Paternity, Maternity, Hajj leave etc.)
  • Leave Sandwich Policy
  • Leave Policy (No. Of Medical, Casual, Annual Leave Allowed in Leave Policy for Staff Type)
  • Pro Rate based Leave Generation
  • Prorate Leaves during first six month of joining and then full allocation for remaining period of year after six month
  • Annual Leave Encashment
  • Compensatory Leave Policy, Full Day and Half Day CPL is required as per policy
  • Leave Opening Balances Entry Form
  • Leave Application Form , Apply through ESS and Approval through Workflow Module with multi- levels of approval
  • Advance Leave Working (If no leave balance, Employee can available Advance leaves and later deduct the same from generated leave balance ?)
  • Short Leave Exempt Policy
Attendance /Time Office Management Module
  • Shifts Setup (Shift Title, Start Time, end Time, Relaxation Time, Break Time, Late In Time, Early Out time
  • Global Time In/out (Late & Early Out Exempt)
  • Biometric Attendance Machine Setup (ZKTeco Brand Recommended Models Only)
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) Android App based Attendance
  • Missing Time In/out Treatment
  • Shift Rotation Policy(Each company has different Roaster Policy for Selected Employee types, so provide details on how their roaster is defined?)
  • Late Comers and Early Out Penalty Policy
  • Weekly Rest Days/Alternate Rest Days Management
  • Outdoor Duty Adjustment , Outdoor Duty Request and approval
  • Official Van/ Bus Late Arrival Adjustment
  • Last Night Late Siting Adjustment
  • Daily/ Monthly / Custom Dates Selection Attendance Register (Manual Attendance) with summary of Presents, Late Ins, Early Out, Absents and Leaves etc.
  • Overtime Policy, Request and Approval
  • Late Comers and Early Out Policy- Late Comers and Early Out quantity and Deduction in Leave
  • Late comers and Early out Deduction calculation and approval
Allowances & Deductions/ Payroll Management Module
  • Allowances Setup (Basic Salary, House Rent, Medical, Vehicle, Mobile) Fuel Allowance enter rate and auto calculate with No of Liters allowed, TA/DA, Arrears, Other fixed or calculated Allowances, MESS Deduction)
  • EOBI policy, Employer and Employee EOBI Deduction and EOBI Sheet
  • Social Security Policy and deduction detail
  • Employee Gratuity Deduction
  • Employee Provident Fund Policy and Employer/Employee Deduction percentage and PF Ledger
  • Income Tax slab and Income Tax calculation with Salary generation
  • Advance Against Salary , Loan issuance and Installment Deduction, stop installment deduction in specific salary month
  • Bank and Bank Branch Setup for Salary Payment
  • Payroll Period Custom Days selection, Payroll Period 1st to 30/31th
  • Salary Wages calculation and Payment sheet
  • Overtime Payment
  • Branch/ Location wise Salary disbursement Sheet
  • Salary Slip on Email
  • Employee Charge Sheet(Charge , Value, Advised By, effective Date, Remarks)
Employee Self Service (ESS App)
  • Employee Self Service Login through User Assigned in Employee Profile
  • Leave Apply
  • Mark Attendance
  • View Current Month Attendance Summary
  • View Company Announcement , Notice
  • Application Interface (Android OS)
Performance Management Module
  • Job Competency setup ( Designation, Evaluation Type (Self, Supervisor, Subordinate), Competency Name, competency total marks and minimum marks) Performance Tracker(Reviewers entry)
Reporting & Dashboards
  • Employee Dashboard(for HR, Admin, Self in ESS)
  • Management Dashboard
  • Reports - Employee Reports (List down names, formats) - Leave reports (list down names, formats)
  • - Attendance reports (List down names, Formats
  • - Overtime Reports (List down names, formats)
  • - Loan & Advances Ledger Reports(list down Names and Formats)
  • - Payroll Reports (List down report names and formats
  • - Employee Performance (List down report names and formats)