EagleEye E-Survey Management System – Intro & Key Features

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EagleEye Survey management System is designed to control field force crop surveying and it is a key planning component for Sugarcane Procurement and competitive benchmarking. The System includes a Web Portal for data setup, Dashboard and Reporting and an Android Smartphone App for Field Surveys recording.

Key Features

  • A Web Portal for users management , Dashboards and reporting.
  • An Android App for Field Force track, Crops Surveys and Growers data management.
  • Offline Surveys and grower data import on smartphone device.
  • Competitors Information on Survey Maps.
  • Surveyor Targets
  • Land Area Calculation from Geo-Coordinates.
  • Crops Types & Varieties information., Crop Diseases information
  • Suvey Area Overlapping Controls
  • Field Force Attendance with photos and Time In/ Out geo-coordinates on Maps.
  • Roles based user access rights & authentications.

System Setup & Process Flow

  • Company Setup & definition of company coordinates on Survey Maps.
  • Roles & User access rights definition
  • Circle Setup and its geo-tagging on Survey Maps.
  • Village Setup
  • Grower Profile & land Information
  • CNIC and passbook based Grower definition
  • Crop Varieties setup
  • Field Survey ( Grower Info, CNIC based survey for Non-passbook growers, Circle & village of grower, Murabba, Acre, Empty land, Crop land, Crops types and disease Type, Disease percentage
  • Offline Survey save and Synchronize with server upon internet availability.
  • Individual Survey details
  • Survey Map- A Bird Eye view
  • Filed Survey force Attendance with Time In & Time Out marking with attendance on Survey maps
  • Reports
    • Cane survey detail
    • Cane Survey ( Circle Wise)
    • Cane Survey (Variety wise)
    • Cane Survey (Grower & Circle wise)
    • Cane Survey (Grower Wise)
    • Cane Survey (Circle & Village wise)
    • Cane Surveyors attendance detail