At Cosmosoft, We are a team of Skilled IT Professional having 25 years of Implementing Customized ERP Software Solutions.

Why Choose Us?

We have over 24 years of Market Experience in Designing and implementing Customized ERP Software in over 300+ Manufacturing & 200+ Trading & Project/Services Industries, decades of On-Going Technical support services and Customizations/New features Development that makes us a distinguished & Your Trusted ERP Partner.

Customized ERP Implementation

Our skilled software scope of work Study Team and Project Implemnetations have hundreds of Implementation & Business Scenarios understanding to Successully deploy the ERP System.

ERP on-going Technical Support

Our Technical Support Services team is a Skilled Customer-Scenario understanding and timely delivery the operational and technical support with their great empathy and dedication.

Custom Application Development

Share your Scope of Work or Software requiremens and Get delivered State-of-Art Applications in latest Software development Technologies by our Software Development Teams.



An industry customized ERP System designed & Implemented in 500+ Manufacturing,Trading & Services Industries to meet and exceed your ERP Software requirements

SARP Cloud

SARP Cloud ERP is designed in Latest Microsoft Blazor Core Technology with most Enhanced & optimized Business Processes Management.

Sugarsoft ERP Suite

A Customized SugarCane Procuremet & ERP Applications Suite designed and implemented in Sugar Mills, and featuring all integration requirements.

EagleEye Cane Survey Management

A GPS based Sugarcane Crops Survey and land area measurement, growers data bank software application that automated the Manual Cane Survey done by Sugar Mills.

VTS- E-Loading Points Management

A GPS based Sugar Mills Loading Points vehicles Management Android Application with Web Dashboards that ensures Transparency in Cane Procurement.


Sugar Laboratory Management system is an automation of Sugar Lab for Vehicle/circle/village wise sampling details,Hourly Sampling of MJ,Mol,BG, PJ & Syrup, Daily Calculating Scheme & MIS Dashboards & Reporting.

SARP Point of Sales ERP

A Point of Sales ERP Solution for Chain stores for Integrated Procurement to Pay, Recipe based Production, Shop Transfer & FBR Integrated Shop Sales, Production and Financial Accounting, Bio-Integrated Attendance & Payroll Management.


A customized ERP for Feed Mills with Integrated Weighing Scale, Production, Supply Chain and detailed Sales policies Management, Inventory and Payroll Management, General Ledger Financials.

SARP Bio-Attendance & Payroll Management

An Employee Biometric Attendance & Leave, Time Office & Payroll Management featuring Multi-shifts, overtime & leave Policies, Allowances, Loan & Advance, EOBI, SS, Gratuity, PF Management. Directly integrated with ZKTeco Local & Remote Sites Attendance Devices for centralized Payroll setup.

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Inam Ullah

Chief Executive Officer
Director of cosmosoftsolution

Muhammad Javed

Chief Operating Officer(COO) in Accounting software

Ihsan Ullah

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Director Marketing and Sales in Supply Chain Module

Asmat Ullah

Director Marketing and Sales
Chief Technical Officer in SARP

Sadia Nawaz

Chief Technical Officer


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