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SARP Sugar ERP Modules

• Electronics Sugarcane surveys Integrated with Mobile Device ,GPS and Google Maps

• Area Measurement for square, rectangular, hexagonal and polygonal shape complex areas through multi-coordinate points
• Area Overlapping
• Surveyors tracking
• Surveyors Attendance
• Offline surveys 
• Integrated with cane indenting. 
• Sugarcane Survey Dashboards for Management
• Mac Address implemented security & users authentications
• Zones, Circles, Villages, Passbooks, Sugarcane Varieties & ratoon crops management
• Cane survey varieties and actual yields comparisons
• Compatibility with Google Android smartphones Operating System
• Surveyors Survey targets
• Android App password protection
• Circle, Variety Wise sugarcane Surveys detail
• Sector, Village & Growers wise cane surveys detail & Summary reports.

• Calculation of Indents to be issued to growers through calculated Survey area from Survey management system.

• Automated Cane indents printing through system
• Indent print authorization
• Multiple date wise indents printing through the system

• An Android Smartphones Operating systems application for vehicles indenting at Loading Points & Depots and acceptance/rejection at gate arrival.

• Loading points registration
• Vehicles registration, indenting & Snapshots at loading point & depots with GPS coordinates. 
• Offline Vehicle registration for internet interrupted Points. 
• Users authentications&highest level of security features
• Vehicle snapshots capturing allowed only in defined LP/depot coordinates
• Vehicle Snapshots for comparison & acceptance or rejection
• Integration with vehicle tokens generation. 
• Auto Images cancellation for blurred, faded and unclear images. 
• Arrived vehicles detail
• Pending vehicles detail
• Rejected vehicles detail.

Seasonal Rates, Subsidies, Deductions & TPT Management
• Season wise dynamic configuration for rates, subsidies etc.
• Road Cess Management
• Multiple Crushing shifts management
• Cane 
• Loan markup percentage
• Binding Weight
• Unloading charges & tax percentage
• Grower Loan deduction
• Idle weight
• Market Fee Management
• TPT tax percentage
• Loading rate & tax percentages
• TPT calculations
• Circle, Source and Loading Points Rates Management
Area Management
• Divisions, districts Management
• Zone & free area Management
• Circle Management (including distance, payment integration, cane incentive, subsidy, deduction rate, affiliation, good quality and quota management)
• Source Management (factory Gate, check post, Depot)
• Source Market Committee, loading contractors, source road Cess and vehicle wise TPT rate
• Village Management (distance, cane incentive, cane subsidy, TPT subsidy, TPT deduction)
• Loading Points & Sources Integration
Grower Passbook Management
• Growers Profile
• Growers passbook
• Growers Circle, source & Village wise detail & Summary reports
• Growers Loan Deduction
Sugarcane varieties Management(integrated with EagleEye Sugarcane Survey Management)
Shifts Management
Vehicle Lane Management
Vehicle/Transport Management
• Vehicles Minimum & Maximum Gross weight configuration
• Vehicles Minimum & Maximum Tare weight configuration 
• Vehicle type wise lane management
• Vehicle type wise deduction configuration
Contractors Management
Contractors Depot Allotment, Rate & Quote Management
Cane Officers Quota management
Source Wise Targets Management & Actual Procurement Comparison
Loans Management 
Weight deduction types & percentages
Purchase Indents & Challansmanagement
• Indents ranges management for Factory Gate, Check Posts& Depots and circles
• Auto Indenting and printing through the system
Tokens Management
• Tokens issuance 
• Individual tokens status
• Rate, subsidies & deductions, TPT management at tokens
• Accepted Vehicles snapshots
• Road Cess
• Daily token issue detail
• Duplicate vehicles detail
• Cancelled tokens detail
• Daily Source wise token summary & detail reports
Gate Pass & Yards Management
• In gate pass entry
• Inner Yard Position
• Outer yard Position
• Hourly yard 
Sugarcane Weighment & Automated CPRs
• Weighbridge integration with Sugarcane weighment module for automated weighment into the system
• Complete users’ system logs for Gross and Tare weight users
• Only Defined System PCs & IP to work for Gross & Tare weighment
• First Weight bridge entry (Gross)
• Unloading management
• Second Weigh Bridge (Tare weight)
• LCD Screen & IP Security Cameras integration with Weighbridge 
• Automated CPR generation and customized printing through system
• Special subsidies, incentives and deductions management
• Depot CPRs
• Tipper unloading register
• CPRs extensive search based on CPR no & barcode number
• C.P.R customized formats and printing
• Documents posting and cancellation through authentications system Admin users.
• Token, Card and Barcode slips
• Inner & outer yard vehicles Management
• Depot Less/Excess Purchase, receipt management
• Documents cancellation 
Miscellaneous Stock Weighments 
• Automated System weighment for miscellaneous items including sugar sale, molasses, bagasse, iron, wood,
limestone, petrol, zinc, metal sheets, mill oil, caustic soda, scrap sale items and hundreds of other stock items. 

• Integration of Digital LCD screens at Gross & Tare Weighbridge for Weight display
• IP Security Cameras integration at Gross and Tare Weighbridge
• Vehicle snaps automatic capturing at weighbridge and comparison for any insecurity/mistakes etc. 

• Fuel Deductions Management
• Daily Payments Detail
• Cane Payment scroll with CPR No & Barcode No
• CPR no wise payments
• Gowers wise all CPR payments
• Cash & bank paid CPR marking and payment vouchers
• CPR no wise & Barcode no wise TPT payment scrolls 
• Vehicle type wise TPT payment scrolls
• Special rate &TPT Bank and Bank, Cash and JV paid marking
• Depot CPRs cash and bank paid marking
• Contractor loading bills generation
• Incentives Payment Scroll
• Incentives Paid marking
• CPR payment vouchers
• CPR Payment vouchers
• OB CPRs payment vouchers
• TPT payment vouchers
• Complete check # and bank wise payment detail
• Loading and unloading payment vouchers 
• Market Committee payment vouchers

• Sugarcane Laboratory Automation 
• Polarimeter and refractometer integration with Lab Automation System
• Boiler, Juice flow, water and Molasses real-time data levels and display at Sugarcane Dashboard
• Hourly Sampling of Bagasse
• Hourly Sampling of Clear Juice
• Hourly sampling of Filter Cake (Mud)
• Hourly sampling of last mill Juice
• Hourly Sampling of Mixed Juice
• Hourly sampling of Primary Juice
• Pol & Brix values
• Recovery approvals
• Automated Daily Calculating Scheme through the system
• Vehicle recovery sampling
• Circle & Source wise cane recovery details
• Stoppage
• CPR no and Barcode no wise recovery detail
• Area management reports
• Inner and outeryard Position reports
• Ingate reports
• Vehicle unloading reports
• Cane purchase reports
• Multiple crushing detail and summary reports
• Payment scrolls details
• CPR paid/unpaid status reports
• Contractor depot, market committee and TPT payment reports
• Lab reports (Daily calculating scheme)
• Cane development & Survey reports
• Sugarcane & Miscellaneous items Weighment reports
• Complete user logs reports

• Season wise Loan Markup percentage
• Multiple Loan types
• Growers Loan issuance & recovery
• Loan auto Interest calculation
• Grower Auto loan calculation &deduction at CPR
• Growers Loan guarantors and guarantors loan deduction
• Contractors Loan issuance & recovery
• Circle wise outstanding loan details
• Source Wise outstand loan detail
• Loan recovery summary

• Circle wise Cane Costing
• Average Cost Source Summary
• Cane purchase total cost detail
• Total cost paid and outstanding balances breakup
• Circle, Depot & G.D wise Average sugarcane Cost reports

• SMS integration with SARP Sugar ERP Suite. Get hourly& daily actual cane purchase, crushing, and yard balance and payments detail through SMS.
• Telecom companies SMS portal integration with SARP Sugar ERP Suite for retrieving required reports through the system through Auto generated SMS. 

Sugar Management Information System (MIS) Dashboards presents Key Sugar Procurement, yard balance, Cane survey, Crushing, Sugar Lab statistical analysis data and graphical presentation charges including;
• Current Steam level (actual value retrieval through integrated Lab Automation System)
• Current Juice Level
• Current Water Level
• Current Molasses level
• Shift wise crushing details graphs
• Sugar Bags production detail
• Current & previous recovery detail
• Yard balance
• Date wise Cane Crushing graphs
• Cane purchased summary
• Date wise cane purchased details graphs
• Percentage Cane and Molasses to the date
• Boilers current Steam level and steam percentage cane

• Purchase Demands
• Purchase Inquiries 
• Comparative Statement
• Local/Site & Import Purchase Orders
• Purchase Expense /landed Cost management
• Purchase order through Indent, Inquiry or prepare Direct P.Os.
• Gate passes management
• Stock Partial/ access quantity management. 
• Material Inspection/ Quality Checking.
• Good Receipt Note (GRN) 
• Purchase Dashboard
• Complete purchase processes & ISO Industry Standard reporting.

• 4 Levels of Chart of Item.
• Store issue Note
• Store Transfer Note
• Stock Adjustment
• Store Return
• Tools Issue & Return
• Production Jobs wise(Recipe) stock issuance
• Stock Opening Balances
• Consumption Expense
• Auto Generated Consumption Voucher for selected time Period.
• Free of Cost Goods/ Sampling Management
• Outward Gate Pass Management/ Miscellaneous Gate pass management. 
• Detailed inventory and store reporting.

• Local Purchase Invoicing.
• Site Purchase invoicing
• Import Purchase Invoicing, Landed Cost management.
• Purchase variances managements
• Services Invoicing
• Payables Parties Ledgers.
• Batch Invoices payments and advance adjustments.
• Creditors Aging and projections
• Integration with Accounts and taxation module.
• Subsidiary Payable ledgers 
• Purchase Expenses/Landed Cost and material cost calculation of expenses as part/excluding material cost.

i. Chart of Accounts
• Master Chart of Account for single &multiple group of companies.
• Up to five levels of Chart of Account including control accounts & Subsidiary level coding.
ii. Vouchers
• Journal Vouchers (JVs)
• Adjustment vouchers 
• Purchase and sales Journals.
• Cash payment vouchers, cash receipt vouchers
• Bank Payment vouchers, Bank receipt vouchers. 
• Advance payment vouchers. 
• Voucher Reversal Process.
• Copy Vouchers
• And over 30+ other voucher types.
iii. Projects Costing & reports
• Allocate project based expenses, payments & receipts
• Projects profit & loss statement
• Running & completed projects Cost summary
• Project Departments expenses sheet
• Monthly Project Expenses Comparison
iv. Bank Reconciliation and fund positions
• Bank Reconciliations (featuring multiple locations) 
• Bank Position.
• Un-presented / uncredited cheques details.
• Postdated & forward dated check details.
v. Voucher View & Batch posting- You can view and post vouchers based on date, voucher number & voucher type. Also voucher posting can be company or location wise.
vi. Multiple Vouchers Printing: Multiple vouchers can be printed based on your requirements for specific vouchers type, defined voucher numbers or defined companies, locations etc.
vii. Vouchers Audit/Edit/Search Features: Vouchers audit, edit and search documents can be used for filtering accounts vouchers edited logs, searching a specific account voucher through provided filters. 
viii. Copy Voucher- An efficient feature to copy a previous voucher into a new voucher instead of manually entering a similar voucher, e. g copying salary vouchers where salaries, wages may be similar.
ix. Bank Checks Printing- check printing has been already aligned for all banks according to their checkbooks formats and you can directly print your on checks from the payment vouchers.
x. Ledger Reports
xi. Trial Balance
xii. Financial Statements.
• Balance sheet statement.
• Income Statement
• Owners’ equity Statement
• Cash flow statement
• Earnings per Share Report.
xiii. Taxation Module.
• Advance taxes, Sales Taxes and Withholding tax management. 
• Company, Non-Company, NTN, Filers & Non-Filers.
• Auto tax deduction at vouchers
• Advance tax payments voucher.
• Tax reports 

• Customers and Commission Agents Management
• Sales tax Output, Withholding and Income Tax management, excise duty
• Brokerage & Commission Management 
• Region wise sales monitoring
• Sales Targets & Achievement comparison.
• Lifting Parties
• Sugar Sales Contract& Sales orders Management
• Local & Export Sales Management
• Cash Sales &tax sales management. 
• Rate List.
• Delivery Orders
• Dispatch Order/ Gate Pass
• Sales Weighment and integration with Weighment Scale. 
• Sales invoicing.
• Finished Good stock management
• Inclusive & Exclusive sales taxes management
• Sales returns management
• Receivables vouchers, booking and Party wise full receipts management

• Customers Ledgers.
• Local Sales, Export Sales Receivables
• Integration with Sales & taxation module.
• Batch wise customers’ Receipts. 
• Partial Invoicing management 
• Sales tax, Income Tax and Other Taxes Management
• Debtors Aging reports
• Projects stage wise completion receipts. 
• Projected Receivables details. 

• Fixed assets purchase
• Fixed assets value addition & upgrade process management
• Fixed assets (multiple) depreciation
• Fixed assets depreciation scheduling.
• Fixed assets category wise deprecation detail
• Fixed assets batch wise deprecation detail
• Fixed assets transfer/ Allocation.
• Fixed assets disposal
• Write-off.
• Fixed Assets Complete processes reporting.

1. HR Management 
• Employee enrollment & profile management. 
• Employee strength management (for specified departments & designations)
• Leave policy
• CPL Policy 
• Overtime Policy 
• Roster Policy
• Late Comers Penalty Policy
• Bonus / Increments policy 
• Public Holidays Calendar
• EOBI, Social Security, Provident Funds Management 
• Gratuity & Group Insurance management
• Employee Promotion & transfer management 
• Leave Encashment 
• Final Settlement
• Resign and termination Register
2. Attendance Management
• Integration with fingerprint, RFID and Face Recognition Attendance Devices for automatic attendance management. (click here for available Biometric Devices)
• Daily Attendance Register
• Daily over Time calculation.
• Late Comers Penalties.
• Leaves management 
• Auto Shift Rotation (Roster)
• Over Time Request Form & Approval
• Multiple Shifts Management.
• Employee leaves transfer process.
• Opening leave balances.
3. Employee Self Service (Web based Portal)
• Online Leave Form submission and Approval
• Get full detail of your Attendance, Leaves, CPL and Overtime.
• Access to personal and Job profile.
• Company Announcement board: Admins can upload News for seminars, meetings uploaded on Employee Self services portal for as alert on their mobile phones, tablets to all company employees. 
• Employee Dashboard
4. Payroll Management 
• Loan and Advance salary payments.
• Salaries Tax Slab
• Overtime payments
• Paid/Unpaid salary staff detail.
• Define multiple fixed and Percentage based employee allowances and deductions
• Generate salaries for all companies or selected employee types (Workers, employees, management) or experience as (permanent, contract, seasonal staff) or specific department salaries as separate or altogether. 
• Salary vouchers and integration with Accounts Module.
• Leave encashment
• Partial year income tax adjustment management.
• Workers Profit Participation Funds payments process
• Employees Bonus Payments