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SARP ERP Modules

SARP ERP 6.2 Modules

• Supplier/Vendor/Sub-contractor/service providers profile
• Transporters registration
• Purchase Indents/Demands Management (Local, Site & Import Indents)
• Purchase Inquiries
• Suppliers Comparative statement
• Local Purchase orders (including brokers commission on number of bags, weight or per vehicle)
• FC Exchange rate & HS Codes Management
• Import Purchase Orders
• Purchase Expense /landed Cost management
• Service purchase orders
• Purchase order through Indent, approved quotations or prepare Direct P.Os.
• Gate passes management (including excess stock provision)
• Stock Partial/ access quantity management
• Material Inspection/ Quality Checking.
• Good Receipt Note (GRN) through gate pass & inspection approval
• Direct GRN/purchase invoice, GRN through PO
• Purchase Dashboards
• Services entry sheet & Service invoice integrated with Payable module
• Industry Standard reporting

• 4 Levels of Chart of Item
• Multi-measuring unit management, stock image, Stock Re-order level, Minimum stock reserve
• Cost centers management
• Store issue Note
• Store Transfer Note
• Stock Adjustment
• Store Return
• Tools management
• Production job issuance
• Stock Opening Balances
• Consumption expense & Consumption voucher integrated with GL module
• Free of Cost Goods/ Sampling Management
• Outward Gate Pass Management/ Miscellaneous Gate passes management. 
• Detailed inventory and store reporting
• Product Assembly &splitting process management

i. Chart of Accounts
• Master Chart of Account for single &multiple group of companies.
• Up to five levels of Chart of Account including control accounts & Subsidiary level coding.
ii. Vouchers
• Journal Vouchers (JVs)
• Adjustment vouchers 
• Purchase and sales Journals.
• Cash payment vouchers, cash receipt vouchers
• Bank Payment vouchers, Bank receipt vouchers. 
• Advance payment vouchers. 
• Voucher Reversal Process.
• Copy Vouchers
• And over 30+ other voucher types.
iii. Projects Costing & reports
• Allocate project based expenses, payments & receipts
• Projects profit & loss statement
• Running & completed projects Cost summary
• Project Departments expenses sheet
• Monthly Project Expenses Comparison.
iv. Bank Reconciliation and fund positions
• Bank Reconciliations (featuring multiple locations) 
• Bank Position.
• Un-presented / uncredited cheques details.
• Postdated & forward dated check details.
v. Voucher View & Batch posting
You can view and post vouchers based on date, voucher number & voucher type. Also voucher posting can be company or location wise.
vi. Multiple Vouchers Printing
Multiple vouchers can be printed based on your requirements for specific vouchers type, defined voucher numbers or defined companies, locations etc.
vii. Vouchers Audit/Edit/Search Features
Vouchers audit, edit and search documents can be used for filtering accounts vouchers edited logs, searching a specific account voucher through provided filters. 
viii. Copy Voucher
An efficient feature to copy a previous voucher into a new voucher instead of manually entering a similar voucher, e. g copying salary vouchers where salaries, wages may be similar. 
ix. Bank Checks Printing
check printing has been already aligned for all banks according to their checkbooks formats and you can directly print your on checks from the payment vouchers. 
x. Ledger Reports
xi. Trial Balance
xii. Financial Statements.
• Balance sheet statement.
• Income Statement
• Owners’ equity Statement
• Cash flow statement
• Earnings per Share Report.
xiii. Taxation Module.
• Advance taxes, Sales Taxes and Withholding tax management.
• Company, Non-Company, NTN, Filers & Non-Filers.
• Auto tax deduction at vouchers
• Advance tax payments voucher.
• Tax reports

• Local Purchase Invoicing.
• Site Purchase Invoicing
• Import Purchase Invoicing, Landed Cost management.

• Creditors Aging and projections
• Purchase variances managements
• Services Invoicing
• Payable ledgers
• Batch Invoices payments and advance adjustments.
• Integration with Accounts and taxation module.
• Subsidiary Payable ledgers
• Purchase Expenses/Landed Cost and material cost calculation of expenses as part/excluding material cost.

• Know yoursalesforce performance including sales cycle, deal size, contact history, demos & meetings, leads status, competitor information to help craft more effective marketing & sales strategies. Dynamic Reports & Dashboards provide an easy, accurate read of everything going on.

• Gain instant insight on what’s happening in your sales pipeline. Use what you learn to refine and improve your sales efforts.
• Marketing Leads Management
• Accounts(Companies) & key Contacts Management
• Business Potential/deals management
• Meetings, Calls & events Management
• Request for Quotation (RFQ) management
• Quotations Management
• CRM Dashboard & leads, RFQs, Quotation reports, multi-quotation formats

• An online confirmed orders entry application designed in android firmware. 

• Create new customer profile (online/offline)
• New sales order creation (customer, product, updated rate list vs actual sales rate, remarks/instruction)
• Offline data save in smartphone storage and auto synchronization
• Notifications (sales orders approvals, remarks from Supervisor(s), Rate list update)
• Configuration: Mobile IMEI authentication, system Domain URL and device ID with encryption security

• Target, Zone, Region & Area Management

• Local & Export Sales Management
• Cash Sales & Sales tax invoice management. 
• Rate List (General, Party wise rate list, Area/region wise rate list)
• Sales Orders management 
• Delivery Orders
• Dispatch Order/ Gate Pass
• Sales Weighment and integration with Weighment Scale
• IP cameras integration at weighbridge and integration with weighment module to get all Gross and Tare weighment details along with vehicles photos. 
• Sales invoicing.
• Integration with Inventory and Production Module.
• Customer profile management • Sales tax Out, Withholding and Income Tax management, excise duty
• Sales returns management
• Brokerage & Commission Management 
• Region wise sales monitoring
• Sales Targets & Achievement comparison.
• Receivables vouchers, booking and Party wise full receipts procedure.

• Customers Ledgers.

• Local Sales, Export Sales Receivables
• Integration with Sales & taxation module.
• Batch wise customers’ Receipts. 
• Partial receipts management 
• Sales tax, Income Tax and withholding taxes Management
• Debtors Aging reports
• Projects stage wise completion receipts. 
• Projected Receivables

1. HR Management

• Employee enrollment & profile management.
• Employee strength management (for specified departments & designations)
• Leave policy
• CPL Policy 
• Overtime Policy
• Roster Policy
• Late Comers Penalty Policy
• Bonus / Increments policy 
• Public Holidays Calendar
• EOBI, Social Security, Provident Funds Management 
• Gratuity & Group Insurance management
• Employee Promotion & transfer management 
• Leave Encashment 
• Final Settlement
• Resign and termination Register
2. Attendance Management
• Integration with fingerprint, RFID and Face Recognition Attendance Devices for automatic attendance management. (click here for available Biometric Devices)
• Daily Attendance Register
• Daily over Time calculation.
• Late Comers Penalties.
• Leaves management 
• Auto Shift Rotation (Roster)
• Over Time Request Form & Approval
• Multiple Shifts Management.
• Employee leaves transfer process.
• Leave balances transfer and opening
3. Employee Self Service (Web based Portal)
• Online Leave Form submission and Approval
• Get full detail of your Attendance, Leaves, CPL and Overtime.
• Access to personal and Job profile.
• Company Announcement board: Admins can upload News for seminars, meetings uploaded on Employee Self services portal for as alert on their mobile phones, tablets to all company employees. 
• Employee Dashboards
4. Payroll Management 
• Loan and Advance salary payments.
• Salaries Tax Slab
• Overtime payments
• Paid/Unpaid salary staff detail.
• Define multiple fixed and Percentage based employee allowances and deductions
• Generate salaries for all companies or selected employee types (Workers, employees, management) or experience as (permanent, contract, seasonal staff) or specific department salaries as separate or altogether. 
• Salary vouchers and integration with Accounts Module.
• Leave encashment
• Partial year income tax adjustment management.
• Workers Profit Participation Funds payments process
• Employees Bonus Payments

• An android application for outdoor staff attendance including marketing & Sales teams, Brand ambassadors (BAs), Projects sites teams, Factories, Sales points.

• Geo-fencing Feature: You can define projects, stores and areas geo-fencing and application authenticates/marks attendance only within geo-fencing area. 
• Supervisor attendance feature: install and authorize a single mobile on a location and all marked employees for that allocation will mark attendance using Photo and GPS coordinates
• Barcode scanner for employee cards
• Punch attendance with employee photo and geo-coordinates within defined geo-fenced area.
• Employee attendance web portal
• Outdoor Employee location, store, projects wise attendance, review and posting
• Integrated with SARP Employee HR, Time office and Payroll Module.

Fixed Assets Purchase & Booking in FA Store 

• Fixed Assets Locations and Sub Locations
• Fixed Assets Procurement and booking in Fixed assets store
• Asset useful life
• Fixed assets opening record
Fixed Assets Transfer (To Locations & Employees)
• Fixed Assets transfer to locations and assignment to the employees. 
Fixed Assets value Addition/Upgrade 
• Fixed assets’ category and batch wise addition & Upgrade
• Addition/upgrade transaction posting and integration with accounts
Depreciation Process& Posting
• Fixed assets depreciation processes (written down value, straight line depreciation, double declining)
• Depreciation expense & Accu. Depreciation voucher auto generation and integration with accounts module
Fixed Assets Sales/ Disposal/ Write off
• Fixed assets sales, write off
• Gain/ Loss on Fixed Assets Sales & voucher integration General Ledger Financial Module.
Fixed Assets Tracking 
Fixed assets tracking detail including current location, store, assigned previous & new employee, fixed assets Market value, Cost, addition & Disposal detail. 
• Failure Codes
• Maintenance Tasks& Tasks modes (reading, Date, Date & reading)
Preventive Maintenance (PM) Schedule) 
• work trade (e.g mechanical, electrical, paint, body work)
• Task detail (engine oil level, adjustment, mechanical fitting etc., )
• Preventive Maintenance frequency (days, weeks, months, years)
• Description, instructions and safety notes for maintenance schedule. 
Assets reading
• Assets reading and accumulated reading till date in frequency unit (Kilometer, hours, months etc.)
• Monthly posting
Work Order 
• Problem description
• Requester’s detail
• Project allocation
• Internal & external work order modes
• Work type (preventive, corrective, inspection, breakdown, accidental, damage)
• Work order from defined schedule
• Maintenance history
• Parts issuance& labor charges calculation
• Labor work hours
• Actual Maintenance and work order closing
• Preventions and actions taken
• Daily, Weekly, monthly work orders processing and posting

• Budget notes

• Budget analysis
• Monthly comparison of budget
• Department wise budget comparison detail.
• Year wise budget comparison
• Budget summary
• Department wise budget summary
• Project Wise Budget reports
• Order Wise Budget reports
• Department wise Budget Variance with Actual Consumption.
• Monthly Budget variance with Actual Consumption
• Project Wise Budget

A) Direct Production Receipt (excluding work in process)

• Suitable for companies recording produced/manufactured/assembled stock directly into company books without work in process(WIP)
• Record produced/manufactured or assembled stock through defined BOM or selecting raw material issued quantity manually.
B) Production Planning & Processes (Manufacturing) Management
• Suitable for big volume discrete &process jobs manufacturing companies with considerable product manufacturing cycle
• Work in process management 
Production Setup& Configuration
• Production operations
• Machines Setup
• Machines Parameters(setup time, run time, capacity)
• Production Barriers
• Specifications & Attributes configuration
• Dynamic definition of attributes and attributes range (within specific set of values range)
• Scrap Management
• Production Overheads percentage
• Discrete Production jobs & process production jobs management
• Bill of Material (BOM) / Recipes Management for discrete & Process production jobs
• Product Specification Sheet (PSS) for process production/manufacturing industries
• Product Specification Sheet(PSS) revisions
• Routes Configuration
Production Order
• Production order(s) generation through confirmed sales order(s)
• Featuring product specifications to be copied from Product’s previous production order.
Job Card
• Job Card management for discrete and process manufacturing companies
• Define and manage Job wise routes, operations, machines, PSS& BOM for discrete manufacturing or fixed production route for process manufacturing.
• Configure Process wise inspection mandatory or optional
Job Execution 
• Operations execution
• Man Hours, Machine hours, Job Barriers and Operation wise material issuance management
• Operation wise scrap management
• Operation completion and inspection
Final Job Inspection & Packing 
Lot Tracking 
Machines stoppages 
Job Costing

DASHBOARDS&Web reports 

Designed for Top Management, MIS Dashboards are accessible through smartphones, tablets and laptops to get Key Business performance indicators like;
• Bank balances
• Receivable & payables Graphs & details
• Expenses detail
• Stock detail
• Sales graphs
• Stock detail.
• Accessibility on multiple platforms, e.g. smart phones, tablets and MAC.
• System reports

• Online approvals dashboards 

• Define multiple authorities for purchase, payments, delivery/dispatch orders approvals
• Document auto-posting in the system after multi-authorities approval. 
• Document approval, rejection, remarks detailed history. 


Daily cash receipt/payment reports, finished goods production,
sales and weighment/dispatch reports through SMS alerts.

• Multi-stores chains management (locations, stores, branch offices, Head office)

• Chart of Item (4 levels of stock classification)- Measuring unit, alternate measuring units, Stock image, brand name, item location, Bin card and Barcode number
• Inventory Reorder level &Minimum stock reserves management
• Barcode based Goods Receipt Note (GRN) and Purchase voucher
• Cash &Bank Payment vouchers
• Vouchers approval and Posting
• Lot/batch wise receipts and stock expiry management
• ProductRate List
• Cash & Credit Sales Invoicing
• Invoice on hold
• Sales return
• Daily Cash/Credit sales voucher integrated with General Ledger Financial Module
• Credit sales Party wise ledgers
• Cash & Bank ledgers and day cash book
• Bank reconciliations
• Ledger Reports
• Trial balance reports (Net, Movement, Closing, FY, Store/location wise comparison, Income Expense) at five levels of Chart of Accounts.
• Profit and Loss Statement for single stores and complete chain stores/departmental stores
• Balance Sheet
• Taxation Module: Sales Tax, income tax, Sales tax withheld and auto-tax payment voucher
• Stock reports (Stock in hand, store balance summary, daily sold stock, stock aging, stock expiry report, Item ledger value)
• Sales reports (Daily stores/ item classification wise sales detail and summary reports)
• Cash & Credit sales reports
• Return on Investment (ROI) report
• Android Orders Management Application for restaurants and Fast food points for Tablet, Smartphones and other handheld devices