Employee Biometric Attendance & Payroll Management

Setups & Policies configuration
  • Departments & Sub-departments/ Sections setup
  • Designations setup
  • Banks & Banks Branches Setup
  • Districts & Cities setup
  • Shifts Definition (Shifts Time In and Time out, Time in and Time Out relaxation)
  • Leave Types definition (Policy based, Special leave, leave sandwich policy, Leave from Date of joining, after probation period or user custom defined time)
  • Leave policy setup & Approval
  • Pro Rata based leave balances generation
  • Over Time Policy (Minimum time, maximum time, Calculation based on Basic pay/Gross pay, Shift hours or custom hours)
  • Compensatory leave (CPL) Policy
  • Shift Rotation Policy
  • Late comers & early Out Penalty Policy
  • Public Holidays Schedule
  • EOBI Policy
  • Gratuity Setup
Attendance & leave Management
  • Leave Application Form and Approval
  • Advance leave management
  • Biometric Attendance Machine Integration (ZKTeco Thumb & Face Recognition Devices only)
  • Daily Attendance Register (Manual Attendance)
  • Overtime Calculation and Approval, Overtime calculation add to CPL
  • Late Comers/ Early out penalty generation and approval
  • Change Shift Employees Approval & Attendance generation
  • Leave Opening balance update
  • Attendance Reports( Daily/Monthly attendance reports, Leave Ledgers, Absent, late comers)
Payroll Management
  • Monthly Fix & Variable Allowances & Deductions Setup
  • Tax Slab, Income Tax sheet
  • Monthly Salary Setup (For monthly manual allowances)
  • Overtime Calculation, add to CPL and Payment sheet
  • Late comers penalty approval & Deduction
  • Salary Generation (For all staff or Type based (Employee, staff, department, Section based)
  • Salary Month duration change (end of the month or different duration( 25th day of the previous to 25th of the current month)
  • Daily Wages Salary Management
  • Employee Resign/ Termination and Final Settlement
  • Salary Voucher generation in GL Module on Attendance Posting