IT Hardware and Network Infrastructure Services

At Cosmosoft Business Solutions, We have a Team of Hardware & Network Support Services Including Procurement of Hardware & Network devices, installation and integration at clients’ site. Our professional hardware & Networking support team ensures connectivity of applications, cloud & on-premises servers and work stations, installation of Biometric Devices, Weighment Scales integration, Weighbridge barriers procurement and installation, integration with Weighment scale and Software application and LIVE IP Cameras procurement and Installation. We Team has installed over hundreds of hardware and network infrastructure establishment projects along with our ERP applications at our client-end and we ensure that you receive an all-in-one Vendor for the solution of your all IT requirements. Our Hardware & Networking On-demand services are including,

  1. Procurement and Installation of Server Machines & User Work stations
  2. Operating Systems Installation( Windows Server & Windows 10/11)
  3. Server Firewalls Security, Antivirus procurement and installation, Server Domain establishment
  4. Database Servers, Backup, Raid Server Management combining multiple Physical hard disks for data redundancy and backups on Raid Hard Disks on the Server Machine.
  5. Network Infrastructure (LAN & Wi-Fi network, Router & Switches Installation and Integration), Wireless P2P Connectivity Solutions.
  6. Biometric Devices (Face & Thumb-Impressions) Devices Procurement and Installation, Training at Client site and Biometric devices integration with our HR Module.
  7. Weighment Scale Integration for Automated Vehicles Gross & Tare Weighment (with our Procurement & Sales Modules)
  8. LIVE IP Camera Installation & Integration on Weighment scale and Other instances (as required)
  9. Cloud Servers Applications Hosting, Data backups and Servers maintenances.