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Cane Survey Management System

  “If you know what is on the other side of hill, half of the battle is already won- Napoleon Bonaparte”

All Sugar Mills manually conduct for checking quality checking, availability and growth of sugarcane in its near & far circles. However, there is high proportion of fake cane surveys and inaccurate growth survey figures. In the modern age of automation, Cosmosoft is pleased to announce EagleEye, a mobile based cane survey Management system to get maximum results under the limited costs.
To enable the top level management to get the actual cane survey data, mobile based cane survey management system used Google maps with GPS coordinates to gather the real facts and figures. Mobile based cane survey management system is able to work stand alone as well as integrated with the cane system.

key Features:

• Cane survey Integrated with Mobile Device ,GPS and Google Maps
• Area Measurement for square, rectangular, hexagonal and polygonal shape complex areas through multi-points coordinates
• Area Overlapping
• Surveyors tracking
• Surveyors Attendance
• Offline surveys management.
• Web based Survey Dashboard
• Mac Address security features for Management/selected users access to web-dashboards.
• Definition of Zones, Circles, Villages, Growers’ passbooks and cane varieties, Sep, Feb and Ratoon Crops etc.
• Cane survey varieties and actual yields.
• Compatibility with Android O.S
• Surveyors Survey targets.
• Android App password protection.

Key Reports:

 Cane Survey detail
 Cane Survey Circle Wise Variety
 Cane Survey Circle Wise.
 Cane Survey Variety Wise Sector
 Cane Survey Variety Wise
 Cane Survey Village wise
 Cane Survey Grower Wise Variety.
 Cane Survey Grower Wise Variety Summary.
 Cane Survey Grower & Village Wise.
 User wise targeted vs actual cane survey detail
 Village & Variety Wise Summary of Cane Survey
 Circle & Variety Wise Summary of Cane Survey
 Circle Wise Summary of Cane Survey
 Circles & Variety Wise Cane Survey
 Circle Wise Summary of Cane Survey
 Circles & Variety Wise Summary of Cane
 Village Wise Percentage (%) of Variety & Non Variety
 Circle Wise Variety & Non Variety Percentage (%)
 Circle Wise Summary of Variety & Non Variety Percentage (%)